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Beautifully designed, responsive promo pages

We understand the importance of design which is why your promo campaigns are customizable in every way. Our in house design team will craft you a stunning theme that blends in perfectly with the existing branding and extends the identity of your company.

Your branding intact throughout your promo campaign

Your branding intact throughout your promo campaign

To build a successful record label means to create a brand that everyone can recognize. To ensure brand recognition is never compromised we can apply a unique theme to each of your record labels campaign emails and promo download pages.

Our professional design team will work with you until you are happy

Our professional design team will work with you until you are happy

Our in house designers are on hand to design and build your campaign page to blend perfectly with your existing branding. If you don't have branding you are happy with, then allow us to get creative and use our ideas for your website!

Design your own theme and we will construct it for you

Design your own theme and we will construct it for you

Many independent record labels and promotion companies already have a design team they work it. If this is the case for you then we can supply you with the dimensions for our theme. You can then design it yourself and we can apply it to your profile.


"Label Worx is the only place to go for music distribution. I have been in the game for many years and nobody - nobody comes near them. Their platform is ultra high tech but so simple and pleasurable to use. I'm a genuine fan and couldn't have succeeded without them"

Steve Stimpson - Concrete Promo

Concrete Promo

"For us, Label Worx is the best online service to do our DJ promotion with. The rates and feedback from DJs are very useful for our marketing strategy"

Matthijs Noordhuis - Scantraxx


"The Label Worx system is not only extremely powerful, but very versatile. Promo Worx has very thorough reporting and as LW has been used by a lot of other labels, it is easy for the DJs we promote to, to easily download and feedback to us. Its a comprehensive tool that no label should really be without"

Rob Stevenson - Perfecto


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Our team of specialists are on hand to answer all of your questions so please don't hesitate to get in contact.


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