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Master your music specifically for iTunes

Label Worx can ensure your music is mastered perfectly for iTunes and to the strict specification set out by Apple. Doing so ensures that your music will sound it's very best when downloaded by iTunes customers, and can carry the elusive "Mastered for iTunes" badge.

An important new mastering standard for digital releases

An important new mastering standard for digital releases

The traditional method of mastering for CD and using that same master for digital sales is out-dated. "Mastered for iTunes" is a new specification for digital music set out by Apple. It aims to deliver the ultimate sound by eradicating imperfections in the master and using the highest possible resolution when encoded to Appleā€™s AAC format.

Read the official Apple document >
We are an accredited mastering house for Mastered for iTunes

We are an accredited mastering house for Mastered for iTunes

In order to supply iTunes with masters that can bare the "Mastered for iTunes" badge you need to be fully accredited by Apple. Label Worx is fully approved and our engineers thoroughly understand and adhere to their in-depth technical specifications.

An extremely affordable MFiT (Mastered for iTunes) service

A full Apple specification master need not cost the earth.

Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) Pricing
  • £ 25.00 per track
  • Full Apple specification high resolution master
  • Ready for delivery to iTunes
  • Returned in 24-48 hours *
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Use our online ordering process to get your tracks Mastered for iTunes

Use our online ordering process to get your tracks Mastered for iTunes

Our intuitive ordering platform allows you to quickly upload your pre-master files and place an MFiT order. For "Mastered for iTunes" you need to submit a 24-bit 96kHz resolution audio file and our enginers will have your final master back to you in no time.

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"I use the Label Worx mastering service, I'm thrilled with the results and speedy turn around time. The pricing structure is very straight forward & value for money is an understatement. I would recommend this service to any producer or DJ out there who wants to add some punch to their mixes."

Matt Kye - AM2PM


"After finding Label Worx Mastering service I haven't used anyone else! The sound they manage to get from the files is amazing. 100% every time and for such a bargain price!"

Ross Middleton - Dub-All Or Nothing

Dub-All Or Nothing

"Thanks to Label Worx for their great mastering service. Spacedout recordings have been using them for the last 2 years and are really happy with their mastering results."

Steve Birch - Spacedout Recordings

Spacedout Recordings

"I just wanted to say thank you for the remarkable mastering job you did on the Alex Torn track, I don't know how you got those quiet parts to jump out of the speakers, but it sounds incredible."

Diana Bauer - Andromeda Recordings

Andromeda Recordings

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