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Spotlight on Monster Neos

2020 welcomed a new decade and another new era in electronic music, whilst every decade has its moment in the memories of music lovers around the world for their favourite genre-defying tracks, once again Monster Tunes is here to deliver the goods for Trance fans around the world.

Having taken a couple of years hiatus from releasing heavily in the scene before, the label has now been re-ignited with 2 new members joining the A&R team, who are both excellent individual Trance producers in their own right, Exouler and Eugenio Tokarev. Along with these new additions Monster Neos are entering the next decade with the launch of a brand new sub-label for upcoming Trance music talent, both to showcase fresh, exciting names and to create a buzzy new outlet for re-introducing the label brand to younger Trance fans - which has been re-interpreted by the title NEOS. Derived from the Greek word Neos that translates in English to young, new and fresh.

Please make way for a new beginning with NEOS!

'Definitely one of the best trance labels out there' - Armin van Buuren, 2014.


Monster Neos

Label Name

Monster Neos

Year Established


Catalogue Size

Back To Life

Latest Release

Shedona - Back To Life

Release Date

Friday Oct 8th, 2021

Catalogue Size


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