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Spotlight on Kultur

Rooted in the 1970's, House music has long been regarded as the instigator of unifying the outsiders of society, the sub-cultures that sought to seek out their own grooves. A place for people to come and be different, to feel the freedom to be oneself without fear and judgement house music became more than just a genre, it became a movement, a rebellion against the norms that society attempted to force upon those who were deemed different.

Like any cultural movement, house was built upon the act of rebellion, breaking out of the rigid shell of 'normal', expressing oneself and punctuated by one distinctive attitude - soul; injecting that into the music and the dance floor!

Two artists who know those sentiments so well are Demuir and Junior Sanchez.

As both Demuir and Junior still push forward and embody the roots of house, they come together under new label, events and lifestyle project, KULTUR. Drawing from the notions of rebellion that initiated the house movement and drew both of them into the same feeling, Demuir and Junior recognize a need for unity and soul in the present day. As technology continues to change the playing field of our musical landscape, and society seeks to single out and divide, KULTUR set a statement of substance, promoting those who put heart and soul into their craft, respecting the history of electronic music and the journey through which it has come to remain.




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Blaqwell - Flavor

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Friday Oct 1st, 2021

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