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Leading labels trust us to get their job done

We can handle everything from setting up releases to generating royalty statements for your artists. Allowing you to focus on signing the best artists & music. All at the fraction of the cost of employing a label manager.

A team of industry experts in control of your record label

A team of industry experts in control of your record label

With our many years of experience in record label services, combined with our understanding, knowledge and key relationships with download stores and streaming services; we have developed a complete process to streamline the management of your label(s).

Less pressure at an affordable price

Less pressure at an affordable price

Remove the stress and high costs of employing a full time or part-time label manager. You can now utilise a professional team at a fraction of the price with our affordable packages. A team who can work on your releases and advise you on getting your music seen, streamed & heard.

Complete YouTube & SoundCloud profile management

Complete YouTube & SoundCloud profile management

Uploading your YouTube videos & SoundCloud clips in coordination with your release schedule is a very important piece of the puzzle. We can handle this for you and ensure your channels are fully optimised. Managing claims & collecting royalties.

What we can do for you...

  • Generation of metadata and label copy info
  • Template record label & licensing contracts
  • Setup & deliver new releases to DSP’s
  • Release schedule management
  • Co-ordinating sales reports & marketing drivers
  • FanLink generation
  • Retail price point co-ordination
  • Create & upload previews to YouTube & SoundCloud
  • Handling of promo campaigns via Promo Worx
  • Royalty Worx & artist statement Generation **
  • Co-ordination of CD/Vinyl production **
  • Anti-piracy protection **
** Available with an additional fee.
Pricing & Packages


2 Releases Per Month

£100 per Month

Simple. Up to 2 releases managed and released by our team.


4 Releases Per Month

£200 per Month

Releasing more regular? Our team can handle up to 4 releases per month.



£300+ per Month

Looking for a more bespoke label management package. Speak with our team to meet your needs.

VAT applicable to EU countries

"A friendly and well prepared team focused on your labels needs and with the right knowledge and understanding."

Michelle Giuffrida - Snatch! Records

Snatch! Records

"We enjoy the convenience Royalty Worx offers, not only for us but also the consumer (DJ / Producer). They just click one button to get paid and don't need to send / generate a separate invoice."

Andrew Salsano - Nervous


"Label Worx is the best promotion and label management system there is. Simple."

Pedro Delgardo - YinYang


"Demo Worx has saved us a stack of time listening and getting back to artists! It also helps to cut out mass send outs of demos that won't be suited to our label – people actually take the time to fill in the form and the quality of demos we've seen since are of a higher quality!"

Rick Bridgman - Vicious


"Royalty Worx is incredible, their online system is the backbone of what we do and their service is absolutely fantastic!"

Will Holland - Enhanced Music

Enhanced Music

"Here at Get Twisted we use Label Worx for a one stop shop for distribution & plugging. Label Worx is easy to navigate, making it quick to find updated feedback on future releases, as well as track current sales in real time."

Tough Love - Get Twisted

Get Twisted

"We have used Demo Worx from the day it was created by Label Worx and we are very happy with it. It's a very efficient tool that helps us listen to more than 100 demos/day. As usual, a top notch feature from the masterminds at Label Worx!"

Alex Christian - Ensis Records

Ensis Records

Do you have questions?

Our team of specialists are on hand to answer all of your questions so please don't hesitate to get in contact.


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