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Our history made us who we are today

Over the past 15 years, Label Worx has grown to become a leading provider of services tailored specifically for the needs of an independent record company. We have become the dance music industries "Go To" company for everything from worldwide distribution, pre-release promo campaign tools, royalty management software and much more.

Our expertise in both the music industry and IT sector has allowed us to design and deliver many technological innovations that have revolutionised the way independent record companies run their businesses.

Combining our technology & products with supreme customer service, provided by an experienced team of passionate individuals, is why both record labels and stores never hesitate to recommend us.

How did it all begin?

Label Worx founders Chris Chambers & Matt Abbott met in a nightclub after being booked to DJ after each other in 2004. They struck up a friendship and started producing music together, which eventually led to them launching their own record label, Alter Ego Records in 2005. At the time both founders were working as full time IT Managers and lived 130 miles apart.

The label was run as a hobby from their home studios and was essentially managed via countless spread sheets which were emailed back and forth to get work done. It became evident very quickly that a solution would be needed to make the flow of information between Matt and Chris work better. The success of the label would very much depend on their IT knowledge which they used to build an online system for managing the record companies information of artists, releases and sales information.

This system would go on to become the Label Management System (LMS) that all Label Worx customers use today. In its basic form in 2006 it massively improved all areas of label management and allowed Alter Ego Records to expand with various sub labels.

A burning issue back then was improving the way Alter Ego Records sent out promos to DJs. At the time Chris & Matt purchased an expensive CD duplicating machine and would painstakingly burn countless CDs and post them out to DJs, Magazines & Journalists all over the world. They tried sending promos via email to DJs but there was no way of telling if the DJ had received the music and obtaining feedback was a nightmare. With a passion to come up with a solution Chris Chambers locked himself away and built an online promo system capable of sending links, tracking downloads and recording feedback.

The Alter Ego promo system was born and the first promo was sent to Matt Darey on November 12th 2006. The response to the promo system was excellent and not only had they solved their promo sending issues they were also receiving requests from other labels who wanted to use the promo system for their own promo campaigns.

On the distribution front, Alter Ego was signed to 3 different distribution companies over a period of 18 months. All of these companies sounded good at the time but once Alter Ego actually started using their service, the same issues started to appear. Releases were not going online on time and mistakes were being made during deliveries, meaning audio files were mixed up or release data was incorrect. This was unacceptable, how can you plan a release schedule and promotion if you did not have a reliable date when your music would be live? The customer service from these distributors was extremely poor also. It was easy to get hold of a sales guy but speaking to someone who could rectify issues was impossible.

Being IT guys, both Matt & Chris have a low tolerance of data inaccuracies and poor system performance. They looked tirelessly for a partner who could actually meet their promises so they were essentially forced to take matters into their own hands. They brought their distribution in-house and built a system capable of delivering their release information to stores on time.

Chris & Matt's fresh approach to problem solving and their desire to make Alter Ego Records more efficient was the driving force behind the early creation of the Label Management System. Although this has now been heavily tweaked, amended and upgraded, the ethics of the system remain. Keep things clean, easy to use and appeal to record companies of all shapes and sizes.

The Promo and Distribution systems were the initial offering from Label Worx when it launched officially in July 2007. We were the first to offer this unique combination of services and within 12 months had 150 clients. Label Worx has gone from strength to strength since with labels leaving other service providers in their droves. We now work with over 23300 individual clients consisting of over 36900 individual record labels from 166 countries.

Over the years Label Worx has grown in size and refined all aspects of the business and services offered. We have introduced new services such as Royalty Worx, Mix & Master, Demo Worx and Web Services making us a truly unique "One Stop Shop" for the music industry.

Where to now?

Our roadmap of development and expansion is long and meticulously planned. We are in this for the long haul which is why we have a team of developers in house who are working alongside our client base to refine what we do, and to deliver new and exciting additions to our Label Management System.

Our ethos is our own. We do not follow, copy or imitate others. We have instead chosen our own path and continue to develop and present fresh and inspiring methods of tackling crowded avenues of the music industry. This ethos is allowing Label Worx to increase its market share on a quarterly basis in an extremely difficult climate.

Do you have questions?

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